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SOCIOLINGUISTIC STUDY OF SANDWELL SPEECH - The differentiation of six phonological variables by speakers in Rowley Regis, Tipton and Wednesbury.
Anne Grethe Mathisen, 1992, Cand.Philol. degree thesis, Dept. British and American Studies, University of Oslo .

Phonological variation in Sandwell speech has been investigated, based on recorded interviews obtained in 1983-84 from 24 adult and 12 teenage informants. The informants were selected quasi-randomly from the districts of Rowley Regis. Tipton and Wednesbury and provided samples of both conversational and reading style speech. The informants represent both sexes, four age groups and two social classes, the working class and the non-working class. Sociolinguistic methods established by Labov and modified by British linguists have been applied to analyse and describe to what extent the pronunciation of 6 phonological variables (...) are determined by age, sex and socioeconomic status, as well as by stylistic context. Furthermore, the patterns of variation of the selected variables were also studied for indications of linguistic change in progress.
The linguistic analysis showed moderate social differentiation of all variables, except (...), and a distinct working class influence. The analysis of stylistic variation documented increased scores for the non-RP variants of all variables, except (...), in the reading styles. Indications of linguistic change in progress appeared only for variable (...). The low number of informants did not permit generalisation of the results from this sample of informants to the Sandwell population.


Newspaper article in "Fredrikstad Blad" from March 14, 1969, about a stormy ride on the lifeboat at Værøy (13 MB).

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