Dales Way walk 2008

Itinerary and links.

Aproximate location of the Dales Way.

Approximate map

Haworth, just off the bus at Rawdon Road. On a detour before starting the proper Dales Way.

Haworth - Hall Green

Haworth - Down Main Street

Down Main Street

Haworth Tea Rooms - our B&B

Tea Rooms

Haworth - Up Main Street to the White Lion Hotel for an evening meal

Up Main Street

Haworth churchyard

Haworth churchyard

Towards Haworth rectory - now the Bronte museum

Haworth rectory

Towards Bronte Falls

Towards Bronte Falls

Time for a lunch break near Bronte Falls. This was a good place. Facial expressions can be misleading.

Near Bronte Falls

International signpost in Bronte country - close to the Pennine Way

Bronte signpost

Our first official Dales Way signpost, probably on Toils Farm, at Eldwick.

Signpost near Eldwick

Looking back towards Dick Hudson's Inn, where we quenched our thirst in the traditional way.

Dick hudson's Inn

On Ilkley Moor.

On Ilkley moor

The Twelve Apostles stone circle on Ilkley Moor.

12 apostles

Overlooking Ilkley.

Towards Ilkley

White Wells - once a Victorian spa.

White Wells

Denton View B&B.

Denton View

The riverside park in Ilkley.

Ilkley park

Old Ilkley bridge - official start of the Dales Way.

Ilkley bridge

St. Peter's church, Addingham

Addingham Church

Weir - just above High Mill


Steps - probably a bit beyond Fairfield House


Old Bolton bridge - nearly hiding the new bridge

Bolton bridge

The canal in Skipton


Skipton Park Guest'otel


Old bags at Embsay station

Embsay station

Locomotive no. 140 on the Embsay to Bolton Abbey line

Loco 140

Stepping stones at Bolton Abbey

Stepping stones

Bolton Priory

Bolton Priory

Wild garlic or Ramsons (Norw.: Ramsløk)

Wild garlic

A trunk's worth of pennies

Penny tree

Aquaduct carrying water from Nidderdale across the Wharfe


Barden bridge

Barden bridge

Appletreewick - Andras Farm B&B

Andras farm

Appletreewick - enclosed path down to the River Wharfe

Enclosed path

River Wharfe above Appletreewick

River Wharfe

Approaching Burnsall - looking back

Approaching Burnsall

Burnsall - parking by the river on a fine Sunday

Burnsall Sunday

Burnsall bridge

Burnsall bridge

Burnsall - St. Wilfred's church

Burnsall church

Lych gate leading in to St. Wilfred's

Lych gate

Loup Scar - above Burnsall

Loup Scar

Postman's steps

Postman's steps

Stepping stones to Hebden

Stepping stones

Hebden bridge

Hebden bidge

Linton falls from the wooden bridge

Linton falls

Grassington - Grove House B&B

Grove House

Leaving Grassington

Leaving Grassington

A stone stile just outside Grassington

Stone stile

At or near Lea Green - site of prehistoric pastures

Lea Green

Cowslip, primula veris, (Norw.: Marianøkleblom)


Conistone Pie

Conistone Pie

Highgate Leys Lane

Highgate Leys Lane

Approaching Kettlewell through a lot of sheep folds

Sheep folds

Along Kettlewell's beck

Kettlewell Beck

Pennycroft B&B is just over the bridge, between the pubs

Kettlewell inns

Blue Bell Inn

Blue Bell Inn

Leaving Kettlewell along the River Wharfe

Leaving Kettlewell

A stone barn in good repair

Stone Barn

Towards Middlesmoor pastures


The lambs got smaller as we progressed up Wharfedale

Stone Barn

Along Birks Wood

Birks Wood

Turning down to rejoin the river bank

Down to river

Buckden bridge

Buckden Brdige

Buckden village below Buckden Pike

Buckden village

Hubberholme Bridge

Hubberholme Bridge

Hubberholme Church

Hubberholme Church

Gathering sheep with quad-bikes

Gathering sheep

Close by the River Wharfe in Langstrothdale


Yockenthwaite Bridge

Yockenthwaite Bridge

West Deepdale Farm - B & B

West Deepdale Farm

The River Wharfe doesn't get much smaller than this

Small Wharfe

Beckermonds - Oughtershaw beck meets Greenfield beck
to create the Wharfe


Towards Cam Houses

Towards Cam Houses

Cam Houses (composite picture)

Cam Houses

On West Cam Road & the Pennine Way & Dodd Fell

Dodd Fell

Across the valley toward Snaizeholme Fell

Snaizeholme Fell



Towards Gayle & Hawes in Wensleydale

Towards Hawes

Gayle Mill

Gayle Mill

In Hawes


Garsdale station


Settle to Carlisle train

Settle to Carlisle train

Dent station

Dent station

Down into Dentdale at Lea Yeat (composite picture)

Into Dentdale

Slack Cottage B&B

Slack Cottage

Between ramsons towards the River Dee

Ramson path

Ford and stepping stones over the Dee

Dee ford

An elegant kissing gate on the way into Dent

Elegant gate

On the cobblestones in Dent

Dent cobbles

Coffee stop at Dent Chrisian Aid

Coffee morning

Bluebells on the slopes of Helms Knott

Helms Knott

Moles beware

Moles beware

In May we fling the muck away

Muck spreader

Sedbergh - under Winder

Sedbergh Winder

Brantrigg B&B shows our flag on the 17th of May


Lincoln's Inn bridge

Lincoln's Inn bridge

Lune viaduct

Lune viaduct

View towards Fox's Pulpit

Fox's Pulpit

We didn't see them, either

Invisible bull

Lowgill viaduct

Lowgill viaduct

Halfway over the stile leaving Old Scotch Road

Old Scotch Road

The bed at Crook Howe (by Whinfell Tarn) was very welcome after a long stage

Crook Howe

No more pictures until the Eagle & Child and new film from the Beehive in Staveley

Eagle & Child

Pasture at New Hall farm

New Hall pasture

Bridleway between Fell Plain and Crag House farms


The pond at Home Farm

Home Farm pond

First view of Lake Windermere

Lake Windermere

Stone seat at the end of the Dales Way

Final seat

Down Brantfell Road into Bowness

Brantfell Road

Holmlea B&B in Bowness


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