Harzer Hexen-Stieg walk 2009

Itinerary and links.

General location

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Waiting for the bridge to come down, on the way from the ferry to the station in Kiel

Bridge in Kiel

While changing trains, Anne Grethe met a ...

At Northeim station

Three ladies at the market in Osteroede

Gossips at market

Hotel - Pension Börgener, Osteroede

Hotel - Pension Börgener, Osteroede

We started walking at this point, after a short taxi-ride from Osteroede to Lerbach

Start in Lerbach

Our first signpost on the Hexen-Stieg

Signpost in Lerbach

Forget-me-nots on the slope of the Lerbach valley


Walking into woodland

Into woodland

The view at Körnigs Ecke

Körnigs Ecke

A glimpse back into Lerbach valley

Lerbach glimpse

A view down the ski slope from Marienblick


Witch at Marienblick

Marienblick witch

Mangelhalber Tor

Mangelhalber Tor

Lunch during a shower at Heidelbeerköpfe


The little white witch on a broomstick used for way-marking

White witch

Waldhotel Pixhaier-Mühle in Buntenbock

Waldhotel Pixhaier-Muhle

We saw trees falling, just off our trail, near the Huttaler Widerwaage

Tree felling

Entrance to the Huttaler Wasserlauf

Huttaler Wasserlauf

A clearing cut down the hillside, below the Huttaler Graben, probably for hunting


Huttaler graben

Huttaler graben

View towards Torfhaus from the Sperberhaier Damm

Huttaler graben



Down the ski slope towards Altenau

Altenau ski slope

A summer skier at the bottom of the slope

Altenau skier

Hotel zum Forsthaus, Altenau

Hotel zum Forsthaus

The Grosse Oker as it crosses Dammgraben

Grosse Oker

Dappled sunlight along Dammgraben

Along Dammgraben

A sharp bend in Dammgraben

Dammgraben bend



Schachtkopf hütte at Förster-Ludwig-Platz

Schachtkopf hütte

A bird cherry (prunus padus) in flower in the woods

Bird cherry

Confluence of Nabentaler graben with Dammgraben (probably)

Nabentaler graben (?)

Starting ascent to Torfhaus on the Magdeburger Weg

Magdeburger Weg

Looking back along the Magdeburger Weg

Back along Magdeburger Weg

The Geheimrat-Schneider-Bank stands in the background, below the outcrop


Bundesstrasse 4 runs through Torfhaus, on the way from Braunlage to Bad Harzburg


Pillows were nearly always stood up like this on arrival - Am Glockenberg at St. Andreasberg

Pillows at Hotel Glockenberg

Special bus shelter at the junction with the road to St. Andreasberg via Oderteich

Abzweigung Oderteich

Grey trees along the Goetheweg

Grey trees

A 1st glimpse of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn (HSB)

HSB ahead

Concrete blocks from the East German Kolonnenweg


Signpost near the Eckersprung


Looking back towars Torfhaus

Towards Torfhaus

The footpath and narrow-gauge railway run parallel for a while

Railway & footpath

A boardwalk helps us across the Goethemoor


Brocken was liberated shortly after the wall fell

Free again

Remains of the old listening post on top of Brocken

Listening post

"Official" photo on Brocken at 1142 m

Together on the summit

There are alternatives to simply having a photo taken on the summit

Heinrich Heine

Here's the train waiting for us at Brocken station

Train without locomotive

And here's the locomotive


Little folk welcoming us to Schierke

Little folk

Pension Andrä in Schierke

Pension Andrä

Nicolaiplatz in Wernigerode


The town hall in Wernigerode, with weddings by horse and carriage

Wernigerode town hall

View towards Wernigerode castle

View towards Schloss Wernigerode

Entrance to Wernigerode castle

Schloss Wernigerode

Grüne strasse in Wernigerode

Grüne strasse

Plenty of wood, ready for a cold winter, near Schierke station.

Winter wood

Follow that witch

White witch on a stick

Ladders onto the Trudenstein


View towards Wurmberg (971 m)


HSB puffing though the woods

Puffing train

Pillows at Hotel Kräuterhof in Drei Annen Hohne

Pillows at Hotel Kräuterhof

Witch and tulips approaching Königshütte

Witch and tulips

Witch on a sled on a roof

Witch and sled

A pair of witches

Pair of witches

Woodman and owl

Woodman and owl

A big witch as we leave Königshütte

Big witch

Hill on the other side of the Bode river - near Elbingerode limestone mines

Bode mounds

Slag heap on Tiefesitte

Slag heap

Flowers by a picnic table

Flowers and bench

Hoher Kleef viewpoint

Hoher Kleef



Green witch by the Bode

Green witch

Haus Bodeblick in Neuwerk

Haus Bodeblick

Haus Bodeblick's cat

Haus Bodeblick

The old school in Neuwerk

Neuwerk old school

Witch with her bottle

Witch and bottle

Witch with her parrot

Witch and parrot

Witch with her tricycle

Witch and trike

Bode riverside

By the bode

Feuer(?) salamander


Boardwalk by the Bode


Path around Talsperre Wendefurth

Towards Wendefurth

Pump & turbine house


Wendefurth dam

Wendefurth dam

Wayside flowers - 1

Flowers -1



Some foot massage

Foot massage

Wayside flowers - 2

Flowers -2

Wayside flowers - 3

Flowers -3

Zum Harzer Jodlermeister in Altenbrak

Zum Harzer Jodlermeister

Welcome for coffee, perhaps

Chinaware welcome

Witch on a noticeboard

Witch info

Gasthaus Königsruhe in Thale

Gasthaus Königsruhe

Hotel zum Bär in Quedlinburg

Hotel zum Bär

Hotel Niedersächsicher Hof in Goslar

Hotel Niedersächsicher Hof

A different pillow style at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hamburg

Intercontinental Hotel
... to be continued ...

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